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Actions completed last month

4.2.i Remove barriers preventing independent producers from owning a local TV broadcast licence and disapply the 10% production quota to local TV

Actions to be completed this month

1.1.i Review uncommitted project budgets and all releases of contingency funds
1.2.i Work with the Home Office, Mayor of London, security agencies, LOCOG and other partners to ensure that effective security plans and capabilities are in place and well integrated with wider operations
2.1.i Establish new School Games competition as an annual event
3.2.i Finalise and publish the summary of government support available to sports bodies bidding for events
4.2.ii First local TV stations licensed
5.4.i Confirm level of Urban Broadband Fund funding awards to each of the 10 Round 1 cities
5.4.ii Invite bids from other cities for additional £50m funding

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