Yogurt Pot
Can it be recycled?

Can I recycle yoghurt pots?

check locally

You'll need to check with your local authority as the plastics which can be included in your kerbside collection vary from area to area.

Can it be recycled: near your postcode?

What are they made from?

Yoghurt pots are made from polystyrene.

Why do some councils collect mixed plastics and others don't?

Currently, there are limited reprocessing facilities that can deal with mixed plastics. However, this is beginning to improve and over the next year or so, more local authorities will start to collect mixed plastics from residents. 

What else can I do?

  • As with all plastic containers, where possible keep them for storage
  • You can also use them for filling with juice before freezing to make ice lollies!
  • Schools & playgroups may use them as craft materials
  • They can be used in the garden as pots for seedlings or cane covers