Wrapping Paper
Can it be recycled?

Wrapping Paper

Yes, in many cases. Some local authorities will accept wrapping paper with your kerbside collections or at your paper bank.

How should I recycle it?

Firstly check that your local authority can accept wrapping paper through their website or by giving them a ring. Then put it in the bags or boxes provided for kerbside collection, or deposit it in the appropriate recycling bank at your nearest centre.

Other local authorities ask for wrapping paper to be recycled in cardboard recycling banks only – again check with your local authority.

There are some local authorities where wrapping paper is not collected at all, this is because wrapping paper is not accepted by some recycled paper mills. There are a number of reasons for this.

What is it made from?

The materials that go into making some wrapping paper result in it not always being accepted for recycling:

  • wrapping paper is often dyed, laminated and/or contains non-paper additives such as gold and silver coloured shapes, glitter, plastics etc which cannot be recycled;
  • some wrapping paper is very thin and contains few good quality fibres for recycling; and
  • a lot of wrapping paper has sticky tape attached to it which makes it very difficult to recycle.

Buy Recycled!

Try to buy wrapping paper made from recycled materials. Sometimes this isn’t so easy to find in the shops, but these websites are helpful: