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6C - Green Infrastructure

6Cs GI Strategy Stage 1 Report: Baseline Information Review & Strategic GI Audit.

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The 6Cs Green Infrastructure Strategy Stage 1 Report: Baseline Information Review & Strategic GI Audit is now available.

The Baseline Information Review includes a review of the policy context and existing studies/strategies to identify key drivers and priorities for Green Infrastructure provision at the sub-regional level.

The Strategic GI Audit includes:

Part one Baseline Information Review (pdf 2.5Mb) >>>

Part two Strategic GI Audit- part1 (pdf 3.4Mb) >>>

Part two Strategic GI Audit- part2 Fig3.4 (pdf 161Kb) >>>

Part two Strategic GI Audit- part3 (pdf 636Kb) >>>

Part two Strategic GI Audit- part4 (pdf 3.8Mb) >>>

Annex A2.1 Sub-Regional Policy/Guidance & GI Studies/Strategies Document Review (pdf 1.4Mb) >>>

Annex A2.2 Sources of GI Asset Mapping Data used for Stage 1 (pdf 1.3Mb) >>>

Annex A4.1 Biodiversity Action Plan Habitat Targets within the 6Cs Growth Point (pdf 1.3Mb) >>>

Annex A4.2 Strategic GI Needs Landscape Character Type/Area Strategies (pdf 1.4Mb) >>>

Annex A5.1 Record of Stakeholder Consultation (pdf 1.6Mb) >>>

The next steps involved in the on-going development of the 6Cs Green Infrastructure Strategy will focus on the development of Strategic GI Networks for the 3 Cities of Derby, Nottingham and Leicester, in and around which significant future growth is proposed under the Government's Sustainable Communities Plan and the East Midlands Regional Plan. The final stage of the project will develop a Strategic GI Planning Framework and Action Plan to guide the co-ordinated planning, management and delivery of enhanced GI provision across the 6Cs Growth Point.

The 6Cs Strategic Green Infrastructure Project Board is keen to share work from the emerging 6Cs Green Infrastructure Strategy with our partners as soon as it becomes available. Sections of the Strategy as they are completed will be posted on the 6Cs Green Infrastructure website between July and September 2009. Partners should consider the Stage 1 Report: Baseline Information Review & Strategic GI Audit a FINAL DRAFT that may be subject to change as work on the later stages of the Strategy progresses. It has been made available at this stage for information purposes only. The report represents available information provided via the 6Cs Strategic GI Project Board and its partners at the time of the study, and is subject to updating as the study progresses where necessary.

If you would like to receive notification of when further stages will be available sign up to receive the 6Cs GI Bulletin

If you would like to provide feedback on the Stage 1 Report: Baseline Information Review & Strategic GI Audit you can do this my contacting the 6Cs GI Development Co-ordinator via the enquiry form available on the Contact page . There will be an opportunity for consultation and wider stakeholder review during autumn 2009 once the overall suite of documents is complete.  

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