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6C - Green Infrastructure

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Funding Application Forms and Project Appraisal >>>

6Cs Growth Point Refreshed Programme of Development >>>

Other Documents >>>

Strategic GI Meeting Minutes

6Cs Strategic Green Infrastructure Project Board Meeting Minutes

17th May 2012 (pdf 25Kb) >>>  26th January 2012 (pdf 27Kb) >>>

27th October 2011 (pdf 18Kb) >>>


 10th May 2011 (pdf 28Kb) >>>

31st March 2011 (pdf 90Kb) >>>


 16th December 2010 (pdf 70Kb) >>>

30th September 2010 (pdf 69Kb) >>>


 5th July 2010 (pdf 42Kb) >>>

25th March 2010 (pdf 57Kb) >>>


 17th December 2009 (pdf 93Kb) >>>

13th October 2009 (pdf 88Kb) >>>


 13th August 2009 (pdf 96Kb) >>>

10th June 2009 (pdf 122Kb) >>>


 11th February 2009 (pdf 120Kb) >>>

9th December 2008 (pdf 79Kb) >>>


 22nd October 2008 (pdf 69Kb) >>>

9th September 2008 (pdf 39Kb) >>>    15th July, 2008 (pdf 37Kb) >>>



Funding Application Forms and Project Appraisal

Funding Application Forms and Project Appraisal

The following documents can be downloaded below for reference in pdf format. As it is intended that they may assist anyone who may need to develop similar forms and guidance notes in the future, the Word files are also below; please feel free to download and adapt these documents to your own needs. If you experience problems with opening the Word files please contact 6Cs via the Contact page >>>

Application Form (pdf 97Kb) >>>

Application Form (Word doc. 222Kb) >>>
Confidentiality Agreement - for use where it was necessary to submit confidential information in order to complete the application form (pdf 38Kb) >>>

Confidentiality Agreement  (Word doc. 52Kb) >>>
Guidance for Applicants - guidance on funding eligibility and on completing the application form (pdf 96Kb) >>>

Guidance for Applicants  (Word doc. 126Kb) >>>
Project Appraisal - score sheet used by the Appraisal Panel to assess applications (pdf 60Kb) >>>

Project Appraisal  (Word doc. 76Kb) >>>

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6Cs Growth Point Refreshed Programme of Development

6Cs Growth Point Refreshed Programme of Development

Appendix F - Strategic Green Infrastructure  (pdf 832Kb) >>>

Annex F/A - Strategic GI Project Board Terms of Reference (pdf 21Kb) >>>

Annex F/B - Emerging Criteria for Strategic GI (pdf 11Kb) >>>

Annex F/C - Strategic GI Project Information Forms  (pdf 200Kb) >>>

The remainder of the 6Cs Growth Point Refreshed Programme of Development (listed below) is available through the Leicestershire Together website>>>

  •  3 Cities and Counties New Growth Point refreshed Programme of Development 2006-2026
  •  Annex A - Maps showing major growth locations
  •  Annex B - Housing Trajectory
  •  Annex C - Derby HMA
  •  Annex D - Leicester and Leicestershire HMA Infrastructure Projects 2009 - 2011
  •  Annex E - Nottingham Core HMA

 Other Documents

Other Documents

MEBIE (Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment) Review (pdf 1.3Mb) >>>
This evidence package was produced for Natural England to help its staff make the case for the natural environment to decision makers, but will also be of interest to a wider audience. 


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