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Expert on call

Expert on Call is a monthly webinar, freely provided by the NHS Institute, where leading thinkers in the NHS Institute and beyond share their insights from research or product development via WebEx. NHS staff then have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss how they can put these insights into practice. Expert on Call takes place on the 3rd Thursday of the month, between 4pm and 5pm unless otherwise stated.

This service is provided as part of NHS Institute Alert. Sign up here to receive the monthly newsletter containing latest evidence in key improvement topics.


Recent and forthcoming events:

To register for these events, all you have to do is click on the URL next to the topic you are interested in, from the list below, and fill in the form:

Date Topic Expert Register
 16 Aug 12  Can we measure and improve quality and safety on ward rounds? Slides Slides  Gordon Caldwell
 Listen to recording
 20 Sept 12  Improving care for people with dementia in Acute Care  Nadia Chambers and Ashley Brooks
 Register now 
 18 Oct 12
 Productive Mental Health Ward
 Alice Williams and Steve Williamson
 Coming soon
 15 Nov 12
 Transparency  Tim Kelsey  Coming soon
 20 Dec 12
 Will integration help systems deal with health care reform effectively?  Sasha Karakusawic  Coming soon
 17 Jan 12
 tbc  Janet Williamson  Coming soon
 21 Feb 12
 Improving improvement  Helen Bevan  Coming soon
 21 Mar 12
 Cost and quality agenda  Jim Easton  Coming soon

If you follow the link you will find a recording that lasts about four minutes and provides an introduction to NHS Institute Alert, Expert on Call and Guest Editorials. (Please note: the software is from WebEx and will automatically download when you click on the link).

Instructions for using WebExpoweredbywebex.gif are available here. here. Please note: You will need access to a telephone, computer with internet connection and Internet Explorer (Webex is not compatible with Firefox), to participate in this WebEx. If you are dialling in from overseas, click on this link to find a local number to use.


Previous events:

These events are recorded enabling you to see and hear the presentation as if you had been there. Click on the link next to the topic of your choice to access the recording:

Date Topic Expert Register
20 Aug 09 Lessons learned: using service improvement tools successfully Julia RA Taylor Listen to recording
17 Sep 09 Organisational health David Welbourn Listen to recording
15 Oct 09 The importance of relationships to achieve High Quality Care For All Maggie Morgan-Cooke Listen to recording
19 Nov 09 Social Movement Liz Carter Listen to recording
17 Dec 09 Safety in Primary Care Robert Varnam and Alison Tongue Listen to recording
21 Jan 10 Innovation Culture  Lynne Maher Listen to recording
18 Feb 10
Involving Patients in Treatment Decisions  Angela Coulter Listen to recording
18 Mar 10 Capacity and demand  Mike Davidge Listen to recording
15 Apr 10
Medical engagement and organisational performance  John Clark
Listen to recording
 20 May 10 Commissioning for QIPP  Paul Unsworth Listen to recording
 17 Jun 10
Systems thinking - a tool for thinking and a tool for use   Paul Hodkinson
Listen to recording
 15 July 10 Mobilising the NHS workforce for Quality and Cost improvement
Expert on Call Helen Bevan.ppt slides
 Helen Bevan  Listen to recording
 19 Aug 10

Shared decisions and decision aids
Decision making.ppt slides

Steven Laitner and Emma Walker  Listen to recording
 16 Sep 10 Overview of Productive Mental Health Ward  Jason Gravestock  Listen to recording
 21 Oct 10  Return on Investment from improvement  Return on Investment Slides  Rosanna Hunt  Listen to recording
 18 Nov 10 Productives Module Impact Framework Tool    Slides Slides  Lizzie Cunningham Listen to recording
 16 Dec 10
Practical implementation of ThinkGlucose in the acute hospital setting  Slides Slides Erika Ottley, James Kennedy and Emma Innes   Listen to recording

 20 Jan 11

Clearing the fog on GP Commissioning through partnership Slides Slides  Mark Jennings and
 Dr Robert Varnham
 Listen to recording
 17 Feb 11  A blueprint for improving quality and cost Slides Slides  Bernard Crump  Listen to recording
 17 Mar 11  Healthy places healthy lives Slides Slides  Brendan Osborne
 and Gary Lucking
 Listen to recording
 21 April 11  Joined-up Care  Slides Slides  Carolyn Robertson  Listen to recording
 19 May 11  MAGIC - MAking Good decisions In Collaboration Slides Slides  Richard Thomson
 and Glyn Elwyn
 Listen to recording
 16 June 11  The Productive Leader Programme Slides Slides  Helen Elmore  Listen to recording
 21 Jul 11  Organising for quality and value -  delivering improvement programme
Organising for Quality and Value Delivering Improvement Programme.pdf Slides
 Alice O'Neill and
 Jenny Bramhall
 Listen to recording
 18 Aug 11  The Lean Simulation Suitcase Slides Slides  Clare Price-Dowd  Listen to recording
 15 Sept 11  Energise for Excellence
Slides Slides
 Michelle Mello  Listen to recording
 Extra date: 
19 Sept 11
 Productivity in challenging times - Part 1    Slides Slides  Helen Bevan  Listen to recording
20 Oct 11  Leading integration – the new commissioning challenge  Slides Slides  Mark Jennings  Listen to recording
 8 Nov 11  Productivity in challenging times - Part 2 Slides Slides  Helen Bevan  Listen to recording
 17 Nov 11  Productive Community Services - impact on the front line Slides Slides  Sue Hill and colleagues Listen to recording 
 15 Dec 11   Leading large scale change Slides Slides  Helen Bevan  Listen to recording
 19 Jan 12  Building innovation and improvement capability Slides Slides  Liz Maddocks-Brown  Listen to recording
 16 Feb 12  Productive General Practice Slides Slides  Nick Downham  Listen to recording
 15 Mar 12  Creating the culture for
 innovation in health services Slides Slides
 Lynne Maher  Listen to recording
 19 Apr 12  Leadership Framework – A single model of leadership for the NHS Slides Slides  Sabhia Sheikh  Listen to recording
 17 May 12  Raising the bar on patient safety: the journey to ‘harmfree’ care Slides Slides  Maxine Power and 
 David Charlesworth
 Listen to recording
 21 June 12  Fit for Purpose – is your organisation ready to deliver a positive patient experience? Slides1 Slides1 Slides Slides2  Sam Hudson,
 Alison Kirk and Jonathan Nicholls
 Listen to recording
 10 July 12  The value of social media - the journey of the British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council Slides Slides Twitter For Healthcare Professionals Twitter For Healthcare Professionals  Christina Krause 
 and Ajay Puri
 Listen to recording
 17 July 12  What’s a Tweet? Learn how Twitter can revolutionize the way we engage others to improve care Slides part 1 Slides1 Slides part 2 Slides2  Christina Krause 
 and Ajay Puri
 Listen to recording
 19 July 12  Quality through a patient’s eyes
 - The fifteen steps challenge  The fifteen steps challenge Slides
 Alice Williams  Listen to recording