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London 2012 Olympics


Explore and build on ideas for getting involved in a special activity inspired by the ideals of the Olympic Truce.

You probably already know that the London 2012 Games will be a celebration of sport and culture that will bring together people from all over the world to watch or to compete in the spirit of friendship and fairness.

Did you know that sport and the Olympic Games can be a powerful vehicle to promote peace between nations and between individuals? During the London 2012 Games, differences will be put aside and the ideals of the Olympic Truce and the Olympic Values – Excellence, Friendship and Respect – will help to illustrate the way sport can be a platform that unites people.

Download this film…coming soon!

The Olympic Truce resources Olympic Truce secondary - 715.02kb include class and whole school activities, lots more information, and ideas for debating sport and the Games as a tool for bringing people together – whatever their backgrounds. There are starting points for debates and practical ideas for young people to plan truce-inspired activities in their school or communities.

Watch this short film to find out more about the origins of the Truce in Ancient Greece and also to learn how the modern Olympic Truce promotes equality, respect, and understanding between people. You could introduce the Olympic Truce to your school or class through the assembly presentation Olympic Truce assembly for teachers - 3982.00kb.

To help the students consider how the Olympic Truce is relevant to their own lives, why not explore Film Nation: Shorts for Truce-inspired films made by young people.

What do your students think about the right to play sport, have fun and make friends without discrimination, inequality or prejudice? How can sport and the Olympic Truce be a tool to promote these rights? Download the assembly template Olympic Truce assembly for students - 3506.61kb for students to create their own presentations. For more background information download the fact file Olympic Truce fact file - 457.64kb.

You could use the Olympic Truce learning poster - 257.57kb and the Olympic Truce Peace Corner poster - 247.39kb to explore what the Olympic Truce means to the students themselves and the communities in which they live. Use the white panel to record your ideas and to think about how you could work with your local and international partner schools to promote the idea of London 2012 bringing the world together through sport.

What are other young people doing to promote the Olympic Truce in their schools and communities?

And remember, if you’re already part of Get Set, the activities you do that are inspired by the London Games will entitle you to join the Get Set network. By learning about the Olympic Truce you’re learning about and living the Values of respect and friendship, so use this to join the network. Tell us what you will be doing that is inspired by the Olympic Truce and gain access to rewards and special opportunities that are only available to Get Set network members.