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London 2012 Olympics


Find out about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, have a go at the interactive quizzes, games and challenges. Get involved in the Get Set network!

Find resources

Search for resources inspired by the London 2012 Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Values


Young children playing in their nursery playground

Activities to support the Early Years and Foundation stages. Find out about the Olympic and Paralympic Values: friendship, respect, courage, determination, inspiration, excellence and equality. Sound and word matching games.


Primary school girls dancing in a PE lesson

Fun games and follow up activities for 5-7 year-olds. Find interesting facts about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, play fun sound and word matching games, check out picture stories and read support for SEN.


Jumping for the ball during a sports match

Find out about the Ancient and Modern Games, try the Know your Values quiz and play the interactive games.


Young people celebrating together

Play the interactive games, challenge yourself to the Know your Values quiz and discover amazing facts about the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Young people play their part in the London 2012 Games

Check out the interactive fact file, games and quizzes to introduce 14-16 year-olds to the Olympic and Paralympic Values.


Ideas for post-16s to inspire them to get involved in Get Set and to learn more about the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Mandeville learns about Stoke Mandeville's history

Download the Get Set films to use offline in the classroom or other teaching environments.


Stopwatch 2012

Run activities that last 20 minutes and 12 seconds.


Athletes line up to start a race

Find out more about how to make the most of the London 2012 Games through Get Set.

YA Toolkit

Young Ambassadors 3 in a row

Find out how you can use the Get Set website as a Young Ambassador.

Image bank

Fireworks at the National Stadium in Beijing

Loads of Olympic and Paralympic images to use in projects and activities. Download them, print them out and get creative!