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Corporate social responsibility

Your business doesn't exist in isolation nor is it simply a way of making money. Your employees depend on your business. Customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by your business and what you do. Your products, and the way you make them, also have an impact on the environment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about understanding your business' impact on the wider world and considering how you can use this impact in a positive way. CSR can also be good for your bottom line.

It means taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following straightforward principles that apply whatever the size of your business.

This guide explains how you can exploit the benefits that CSR can bring to your bottom line.

Subjects covered in this guide

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Grow your business

Setting a vision for growth


Corporate social responsibility


Current section



Corporate social responsibility and your business


The business benefits of corporate social responsibility


Understand the environmental impact of your business


Deal responsibly with customers and suppliers


Work with the local community


Measure the effectiveness of your corporate social responsibility


Benefit from corporate social responsibility


Here's how a corporate social responsibility initiative benefitted my business


Here's how my business benefited from corporate social responsibility (Flash video)