DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

DCMS Communications Review: Seminar Series

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DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

The Communications Review

An opportunity to build on our telecommunications, media and technology capabilities, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

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The Seminar Series

Half-day seminars to help inform policy options for a White Paper, covering a variety of topics with input from a wide range of people.

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How to get involved

Read the seminar papers and leave a public comment or make a private submission to the policy team. You can also access seminar outputs.

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Seminar series

A new Communications Bill will be introduced by the end of this Parliament to ensure the UK continues to have a world-beating communications sector that delivers innovative and high-quality content along with safe and efficient services.

Seminars will inform the communications review and comments made on or submitted via this website will also contribute to the policy development process.

The seminars look at:

Other areas of work

Several other strands of work to help the UK’s creative and digital sectors are on-going. The Government is working to implement the recommendations from the Hargreaves Review of the UK’s intellectual property framework. Work on content regulation will resume following the recommendations of The Leveson Inquiry on the future of press regulation.

To provide greater protection for children from inappropriate content, the Government is strengthening the ratings system for video games and consulting on extending age ratings to more music videos.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety is working on the adoption of active choice across all internet enabled devices and internet access points and the Department for Education will also consult on what more can be done to keep children safe online.

A White Paper will be published in early 2013 with a Communications Bill introduced by the final session of this Parliament. The policy papers and seminars will replace a planned green paper.

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