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Actions completed last month

1.1.iv Agree process for selecting Tax Increment Financing Type 2 schemes and announce outcome of process
3.4.i Working with Cabinet Office and BIS, ensure that City Deals with the 8 core cities are agreed and to develop the criteria for a second wave of cities including a negotiation and implementation timeframe
3.5.i Announce outcome of round two pilots
5.1.iii Put in place a programme of professional support and funding to assist those communities leading the way in developing new neighbourhood plans
2.2.i Publish a draft Bill for pre pre-legislative scrutiny, which will set out the repeal of legislation setting up the Audit Commission and the new audit regime for local public bodies
2.7.i Set up a new Fire and Rescue Strategic Resilience Board, following consultation
4.7.i Report on the tenancies created and sustained in the first year of a scheme led by the voluntary sector to improve access for single homeless people to the private rented sector

Actions to be completed this month

5.3.iii Publish monitoring report on performance against the ‘planning guarantee’ for application and appeal processing times

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