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DCMS Communications Review Seminar Series

The Communications Review

An opportunity to build on our telecommunications, media and technology capabilities, and turn the UK into Europe’s technology hub.

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The Seminar Series

Half-day seminars to help inform policy options for a White Paper, covering a variety of topics with input from a wide range of people.

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Read the seminar papers and leave a public comment or make a private submission to the policy team. You can also access seminar outputs.

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2. Competition in Content Markets

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In the Communications Act 2003, legislation was drafted to ensure that the content market would be open and competitive. Since 2003, the content market has developed significantly, with multi-channel take-up in UK households increasing from 41 per cent in 2001 to 93.1 per cent in 2011.

When Digital Switchover is complete (by  end 2012), multi-channel take-up in UK households will be at 100 per cent. Broadband speeds have risen from a maximum of 0.5Mbps eight years ago to an average of 6.8Mbps today. People are able access content in many ways on various devices and over different broadcast and internet platforms. Almost ten years on we are asking whether current legislation and the regulatory framework that sits beneath it is fit for purpose, clear and future-proofed.

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Competition in Content seminar paper

Please read and comment by 14 September 2012. Your comments will be considered as part of our Communications Review.

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