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GM debate

During 2003 the Food Standards Agency supported a range of innovative events and activities to independently assess people's views of genetically modified food. Since then, this debate site has been revised to avoid misleading people with out of date information.

For information on our current work on GM food, please visit food.gov.uk.

The 2003 independent assessment of consumer opinion on the acceptability of GM food and how this related to consumer choice was the Agency's contribution to the Government's public debate on GM. The Board of the Agency considered the results of all these activities at a public meeting in Cardiff in May 2003. You can read the full report here.

You can watch the video-on-demand of three of these activities by clicking on the links below.

In our 2003 debate, some organisations highlighted their concerns about the science of GM not completely being understood and argued that there were significant uncertainties in the safety assessment of GM food. Links to some of their websites can be found under 'Non-Governmental organisations' and 'Professional organisations' in our Other views section, along with other GM-related links.

Citizens' Jury

Real Player Click here now to view the citizens' jury as video-on-demand

GM schools debate

Real Player Click here now to view complete coverage of the debate as video-on-demand

GM food video

Real Player Click here now to view the Acland Burghley School video on GM food

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About GM
Friday 14 February 2003
Find out more about how genetically modified food has been developed and how GM technology is used for food crops.  More

News and events
Friday 14 February 2003
The Food Standards Agency is holding a range of events to help it independently assess people's views on the acceptability of GM food.  More

Friday 14 February 2003
A basic glossary with key terms for this microsite.  More

Other views
Friday 14 February 2003
Links to other websites carrying useful information about genetics and genetic modification technology, including both those opposed to and in favour of GM. The Food Standards Agency is not responsible for the content of external websites.  More

Citizens' Jury
Wednesday 2 April 2003
As part of the activities to independently assess people's views on GM food and how it relates to consumer choice, the Food Standards Agency ran a three-day citizens' jury.  More



GM public debate
The Strategy Unit costs and benefits study of GM crops.

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