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Integrated Household Survey

The Integrated Household Survey (IHS) is a composite survey combining questions asked in a number of Office for National Statistics (ONS) social surveys to gather basic information for a very large number of households.

The aim of the IHS is to produce estimates for particular themes to a higher level of precision and at a lower geographic level than is possible in individual ONS social surveys.

More robust local information will improve the monitoring of important information between censuses for a range of policy purposes.

The IHS includes two sections: a suite of core IHS questions and individual survey modules ‘bolted’ onto the core.

Current modules of the IHS include:

  • General Lifestyle Survey (GLF)
  • Living Cost and Food Survey (LCF)
  • English Housing Survey (EHS)
  • Labour Force Survey (LFS)
  • Life Opportunities Survey (LOS)

The IHS Core currently contains around 100 questions.

A respondent is asked a proportion of these depending on their responses to other questions.

The core questions have been developed to provide estimates for a number of themes, including:

  • Economic Activity
  • Education
  • Health & Disability
  • Identity
  • Income

For more information (including on IHS outputs) see related links.

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