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User engagement

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User engagement is important to understanding the needs of those who use our statistics. It helps ensure that the statistics we produce are suitable for the purposes to which they are put.

Current documentation

Construction questionnaires

User engagement strategies


Date of release 

Public Service Productivity workshop March 2012 (124.6 Kb Pdf) May 2012

User Engagement in the Health and Life Events Division (55.1 Kb Pdf)

July 2011

User Engagement in the Business Indicators and Balance of Payments Division (43.3 Kb Pdf)

November 2010

User feedback surveys


Date of release 

Results of the the UK National Accounts: The Blue Book - User Engagement Survey (68.1 Kb Pdf) July 2012
Results of the 2011 user feedback survey for quarterly national accounts Q1 2011 (76.5 Kb Pdf) June 2012

Second estimate of GDP - user engagement survey (56.3 Kb Pdf)

April 2012

The 2011 Regional Gross Value Added and Regional Gross Disposable Household Income user consultation (79.1 Kb Pdf)

March 2012

User engagement on a new UK Output Area Classification February 2012

ICT and e-commerce user engagement survey (115.8 Kb Pdf)

January 2012

2011 Construction output user feedback survey (57.5 Kb Pdf)

December 2011

2011 Construction new orders user feedback survey (267.6 Kb Pdf)

December 2011

Conclusions from the Retail Sales Index User Engagement Day 1 March 2011 and User Engagement Surveys  (716.5 Kb Word document)

March 2011

Balance of Payments 2010 Q2 Statistical Bulletin User Engagement Survey responses - December 2010 (81.8 Kb Pdf)

December 2010

UK Trade 2010 User Engagement Survey (66.2 Kb Pdf)

November 2010

Summary of feedback for Short-term migration feasibility report, 2007 (39.9 Kb Pdf)

June 2007

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