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Closed consultations

Closing date 

Title of consultation 

8 June 2012 Consultation on new orders TOPSI publication and the Monthly Business Survey (MBS)
28 May 2012 Consultation on suspending Assets, liabilities and transactions in finance leasing, factoring and credit granting (SDQ7)
19 April 2012  Proposed changes to publication cycle of six Indirect Taxes National Statistics Bulletins
5 April 2012 Inheritance Tax Survey of Users’ Views
23 March 2012 Future of the Construction Statistics Annual publication
27 February 2012 Ceasing production of rolling-year interregional migration estimates
23 January 2012  Proposed domains and headline indicators for measuring national well-being
23 January 2012  Replacing the time series on Life Expectancy by Social Class
20 January 2012  Beyond 2011 - user needs consultation
29 December 2011 Review of Price Index Numbers for Current Cost Accounting (MM17) report
23 December 2011 Improving the measurement of car prices in CPI and RPI
25 November 2011 Triennial Review of Index Numbers of Producer Prices (PPI) Voluntary Survey of Users
25 November 2011 Triennial Review of Index Numbers of Producer Prices (SPPI) Voluntary Survey of Users
31 August 2011 Project plan for review of the experimental components of the Index of Services
16 August 2011 Review of infant mortality statistics
29 July 2011 Consultation of National Statistics on income tax liabilities and receipts and expenses and benefits
30 June 2011 Consultation on the National Accounts classification process and sector classification guide

24 June 2011 

The future of the Occupational Pension Schemes Survey 

20 May 2011

NOMIS consultation

6 May 2011

EUSILC integration into FRS 

6 May 2011

The future of the GLF survey

29 April 2011

2011 Census Geography Outputs Consultation

29 April 2011

2011 Census Consultation - Main Statistical Outputs - Second Round

19 April 2011

Review of conception statistics: user consultation

15 April 2011

Measuring national well-being

12 April 2011

Definitions of avoidable mortality

28 February 2011

Streamlining of Annual Business Survey questionnaire

17 January 2011

HM Revenue & Customs Personal Wealth Statistics consultation

24 December 2010 

Work Programme Consultation

23 December 2010 

Measurement of Seasonal Items within the Consumer Prices Index and Retail Prices Index (2010)

24 November 2010

 Cancer Outputs Stakeholder Review

20 October 2010

Redesign of the Consumer Price Indices Statistical Bulletin 2010 

17 September 2010 

Consultation on changes to outputs from the International Trade in Services surveys

17 September 2010 

Consultation on the collection of Monthly Wages & Salaries Survey data via the Internet

10 September 2010

Consultation on the strategy for the UK Environmental Accounts

1 September 2010 

ONS Strategic Overview 

1 September 2010 

User Engagement Strategy

5 April 2010 

National Statistics Consultation on the Indirect Taxes 

26 March 2010

2011 Output Consultation: Main statistical outputs

26 March 2010

Census Output Geography Consultation

26 March 2010 

Consultation on the future of the National Congenital Anomaly System

22 January 2010 

Measurement of Mortgage Interest Payments within the Retail Prices Index (2009)   

18 January 2010 

2008-based Subnational Population Projections for England 

2 September 2009

Proposed changes to the Annual Survey into Film and Television (FTV)

22 May 2009

Local Area Labour Market Statistical Indicators Publication Update

6 April 2009

Public consultation on proposed changes to construction statistics publications

23 March 2009

Consultation on Small and Medium Enterprise Statistics for the UK and Regions

6 March 2009

Public Consultation on the change to female state pension age and the implications for Labour Market Statistics

1 December 2008

Consultation on 'Regional Competitiveness & State of the Regions'

30 October 2008

Consultation to Promote

18 July 2008

Proposed changes to collection of outpatient activity data in Northern Ireland

20 June 2008

Consultation on the review of the United Nations (UN) Publication "International Merchandise Trade Statistics"

27 May 2008

Public consultation on the reporting of migration and population statistics

19 May 2008

Consultation on the 2011 Census Outputs, Online Survey and Blog

17 April 2008

Consultation on 2006-based Subnational Population Projections

14 March 2008

Consultation on Population Based Health-Related Surveys

25 January 2008 

Consultation on ONS's revised Welsh Language Scheme

30 November 2007

Consultation on ONS's Statistical Work Programme phase 2

28 December 2007

Consultation on proposed changes to statistics on military aircraft

23 November 2007

Consultation on health expectancies at birth for wards in England and Wales

18 September 2007

Consultation on proposed changes to the Intrastat Survey

11 September 2007

Consultation on redeveloping Workforce Jobs

17 August 2007

Consultation on the expanded 'National Statistics Protocol on Statistical Integration and Classification'

1 August 2007

Consultation on Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) from 2008

27 July 2007

Consultation on ONS's Statistical Work Programme 2008-2012

13 July 2007

Consultation on restructuring ONS mortality outputs

9 May 2007

Equality for disabled people: how will we know we are making progress?

3 April 2007

Health consultation: measuring performance in our public services

3 April 2007

Education consultation: measuring performance in our public services

21 February 2007

Geography Policy Public Consultation

31 December 2006

Consultation on National Accounts

11 December 2006

Measuring performance in our public service: establishing the principles

4 December 2006

Consultation on 2011 Census - Responses

1 December 2006

Business Register and Employment Survey for Businesses

27 October 2006

Stopping the Individual Incomes Publication

22 September 2006

Experimental life expectancy at birth figures for wards in England and Wales

1 September 2006

Business Register and Employment Survey for Users

18 August 2006

Modernising the Statistical Publications of the Northern Ireland Department for Social Development

23 June 2006

Stopping specific engineering industry web releases

7 April 2006

Disclosure Review for Health Statistics - Consultation on Guidance

13 March 2006

Leading causes of death in England and Wales - how should ONS group causes?

17 February 2006

Measuring premature and avoidable mortality

5 August 2005

Consultation on 2011 Census - Content

15 October 2004 Proposals for a continuous population survey
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