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News and views around the Science for All Group

Follow-on Group

Following the publication of the Science for All report, a Follow-on Group has been established to take forward the implementation of the action plan.


The minutes and agendas from the group’s meeting can be found on this site.


February 2011 – Science for All Workshop

Details of the workshop, held at the Dana Centre in February 2011, can be downloaded here.  Its main aims were to

  1. reflect on the activities of the other expert groups and their links to Science for All
  2. generate ideas for working together to achieve shared aims around public engagement with the sciences.


Updates on Actions
Members of the group are taking forward different parts of the action plan. You can download an updated action plan to see progress with actions.

Public Engagement with Science and Society – a conversational tool
One of the actions being taken forward from the plan is the development of a conversational tool to help people whowork in public engagement to have constructive conversations about what type of engagement is appropriate for different aims/situations. You can download the tool and feedback comments on how it could be used and whether or not it is appropriate.

Follow-on Group Membership
Chair – Sir Roland Jackson, British Science Association
Nicola Buckley - representing the UK Science Festivals
Lindsey Colbourne – Sciencewise-ERC
Savita Custead - representing the UK Science Festivals
Karen Folkes – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Sue Hordijenko – British Science Association
Chloe Sheppard – RCUK
Paul Manners – National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement
Clare Matterson – Wellcome Trust
Alisdair Orr – Science Council
Lesley Paterson – Royal Academy of Engineering
Jack Stilgoe – Royal Society
Kathy Sykes – Chair of Sciencewise-ERC
Nick Winterbotham – Association for Science and Discovery Centres

Secretariat Support
Toby Shannon – British Science Association
Isabel Spence – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills