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Science and Trust Expert Group

Science and Trust

The Science and Trust Expert Group was charged with developing an Action Plan, in discussion with Government and other stakeholders in response to the Science and Society consultation to:

  • develop new mechanisms to increase public trust in science and engineering
  • review the impact of the existing ethical code of practice and whether it meets the needs of science and society;
  • improve partnership working, facilitating the movement of knowledge and people across the different sectors in order to maximise the benefits and impacts of science and society activities
  • pursue a more coherent evaluation model of the impacts of science and society initiatives

The group branched out slightly from these initial aims, and its report instead focused on a number of key aspirational aims which, together, would help meet the Group’s overall goalĀ ”to enhance society’sĀ capabilities to make better-informed judgements about the sciences and their uses in order to ensure that the “licence to operate” is socially robust”.

Its plan was published in March 2010, and a small cohort from the original group has been working take forward some of the actions.