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Science and Careers

The Science for Careers Expert Group will develop an Action Plan, in discussion with Government and other stakeholders in response to the Science and Society consultation to:

  • co-ordinate and improve the provision and accessibility of careers advice
  • better communicate the value of science skills in the workplace and therefore the opportunities that are available to those who study science, including building on the Science:[So what? So everything] campaign
  • build partnerships between business, schools, colleges and universities to enhance the provision and quality of work experience and provide more opportunities for scientists to become role models to encourage people to study science
  • develop mechanisms for widening participation within the scientific workforce
  • encourage greater awareness and take up of opportunities for informal adult learning in science

Science is essential to our future economic success. The challenges being faced across the globe will require scientists of all disciplines to not only identify the problems, understand the implications but also to find innovative solutions. Independent projections suggest there will be almost three million science, maths and technology related jobs in Britain by 2017. It is therefore important, now more than ever, to provide access to the best advice on those careers opportunities in order to guide people’s choices.