sandbox.bis WordPress theme

sandbox.bis theme

A theme developed by BIS based very loosely on Whitespace, for this magazine-style site. Has a prominent three column ‘features’ bar and a homepage which displays recent posts including post thumbnails (for WordPress 2.9 onwards).

Milburn WordPress theme

Milburn theme

A theme developed by BIS based very loosely on Kubrick, but customised to support navigation and commenting on the Government's response to the recommendations of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions, led by Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP.

Clean Home [Digital Britain] WordPress theme

Clean Home - Digital Britain

A theme customised by BIS for Digital Britain, this WordPress theme is one with a minimal, clean looking design and has full CSS widgetization.

Credit & Store Card Consultation

Credit & Store Card Consultation - screenshot

Following the Prime Minister’s weekend podcast where he outlined plans to address sharp practices by some credit and store card companies, the credit and store card consultation seeks to raise awareness as well as new ideas from stakeholders and consumers.

Bookmarklist 1.3

Bookmarklist screenshot

A tool for displaying tagged bookmarks with thumbnail previews, to enable you to build an open, public collection of bookmarks presented in an attractive list with an associated tag cloud for navigation.