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This site was created in order to support the development of the UK’s Science & Society strategy, and the five expert groups which each developed an action plan within that. For more information about the BIS Science & Society Programme, or for more on the history of the strategy, please see the Links section.


In 2008, we launched a consultation on science and society in the UK to canvas views on how we should develop our skills base, improve science communications and build public confidence in science.

The consultation process confirmed the main challenges we face: making sure that science education in schools is exciting, demanding and of a high quality; recognising and rewarding people who undertake public engagement on science; improving equality and diversity within the scientific workforce; and increasing public confidence in science, research and their application.

The consultation also raised some different issues. It revealed, for example, that the understanding of what activities work best is simply not good enough.

A significant outcome from the consultation is that respondents want the Government to take a more active role in coordinating science and society activity in the UK.

During the course of 2009, five independent expert groups took forward the key areas which emerged from the consultation.  They published their Action Plans in early 2010, and have been working on implementing those actions since that time.   You can read the individual action plans and more on each group’s work, on this site.

Latest activity

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  • Science for All, 11 Nov 2011 2:26pm
    On this page you can find the Agenda and Minutes for the Science for All Expert Group and Science for All Follow-on Group: Science for All Follow-on Group Minutes of the Science for All Follow-on Group meeting of 11 November 2011 Agenda for Science for All Follow-on Group meeting 11 July 2011 Minutes of the [...]
  • Science for All, 11 Oct 2011 4:00pm
    Some 18 months have passed since the  Science for All Report and Action Plan was published. The following  updates show progress to date against the Action Plan. Updated scorecard – 26 January 2011 Action areas in progress – October 2011 If you have any comments or would like to get involved with any aspects of the plan [...]
  • Science for All, 2 Sep 2011 10:20am
    In its Action Plan, the Science for All Group committed to researching business motivations for public engagement. BIS and the Royal Academy of Engineering commissioned TNS-BMRB to conduct a study, which is published here. Business motivations for engaging the public in science and engineering
  • Science & Trust, 5 Aug 2011 1:48pm
    This update focuses on a selection of new work taken forward since the group’s report was published in March 2010, and is grouped by the  broad aspirational aims which the group put forward.  Other work explored by Science For All, for example the development of the Public Engagement Concordat and ongoing work by NCCPE on ethical resources for [...]
  • Science for All, 23 Sep 2010 8:10am
    Public Engagement for Science and Society – a conversational tool The Science for All report highlighted a need to ‘create a wider understanding of why, when and how the public engages with the sciences’ and included an action to ‘develop a common framework to describe types/purposes of public engagement’. To this end, a tool has been [...]