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Actions completed last month

1.7.i Publish Government response to the consultation on the mandatory reconsideration stage
3.3.i Revise strategy and implementation plan for changes to child maintenance
3.5.i Award contract for external evaluation Launch a consultation on removing the second set of Health and Safety regulations

Actions to be completed this month

1.3.i Develop the new assessment criteria to ensure they are suitable for testing, working with key stakeholders
4.1.ii Set out the Government’s proposals for ensuring that future changes to the State Pension age reflect increases in longevity at the time of the Office of Budget Responsibility’s Fiscal Sustainability Report
4.2.i Introduce regulations to extend the timetable for implementing automatic enrolment to ease the burden on small business (fewer than 50 employees) – small businesses will not be required to start auto-enrolling employees until June 2015
4.4.i Publish response to consultation
5.1.i Draft and publish the new Disability Strategy

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