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Actions completed last month

1.3.i Conduct a pilot project to develop and trial methods for delivering integrated environmental advice for farmers
3.6.i Decide whether to pursue a statutory or voluntary approach to encouraging corporate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions in the light of public consultation on options
3.8.i Agree UK objectives on the green economy and institutional framework for sustainable development, in the context of poverty reduction, for the UN conference ‘Rio+20’
3.13.iv Improve our national capability to respond to a major flood emergency, based on lessons from March 2011 Exercise Watermark

Actions to be completed this month

1.3.iv Identify, with industry and environmental stakeholders, how to improve growth and competitiveness in the farming and food industry, whilst protecting and enhancing the environment (the Green Food Project)
2.1.i Transfer British Waterways from government to a new charity for the waterways in England and Wales, through the Public Bodies Act
2.2.i Publish the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Forestry on the future direction of forestry and woodland policy in England
3.2.i Publish a draft Water Bill for pre-legislative scrutiny
3.2.v Develop guidance on water resources planning to ensure that water companies consider all options to reduce overall demand for water
3.12.i Publish a Rural Statement demonstrating how Government policies and programmes deliver benefits to rural residents, businesses and communities Secure, with industry, new arrangements for flood insurance beyond 2013

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