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Actions completed last month

3.10.i Secure protection for consumers and enhance competition through negotiations on EU Roaming Regulation

Actions to be completed this month

3.4.i Secure a detailed arrangement to implement the new licence fee settlement, by amending the BBC Agreement and legislating to implement new funding commitments, including provisions on: (a) new partnership with the Welsh language TV channel (S4C) and (b) the BBC World Service
3.7.ii Work with OFCOM to publish Information Memorandum setting out arrangements for sale of 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum
4.5.iii Publish Government Response to Consultation on wider deregulation of Entertainment Licensing
3.11.i Industry consultation to agree the British Film Institute’s Forward Plan document, to reflect Film Policy Review recommendations and the Government response
3.11.ii British Film Institute to launch its Forward Plan for UK Film
5.2.iii Complete two rounds of bids for the Rural Community Broadband Fund

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