Puffin crossings

Good practice guide - release 1

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Instructional
Published date: 7 August 2006
Modified date: 3 November 2011
Mode/topic:Roads, Road safety, Traffic signs


Pedestrian crossings play an important role in encouraging walking and cycling. Signalised pedestrian and cycle facilities have been used on our roads for a number of years but the facilities and signalling sequences are not standardised and experience has shown that many people do not fully appreciate how they work leading to confusion and conflict. To improve the situation, the Department for Transport developed a new type of crossing, known as a Puffin, which can be used both at junctions and at crossings away from junctions. It will provide the basis for a standardised form of signalling at all crossings; crossings for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

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