An independent panel of experts chaired by Dame Fiona Caldicott is conducting a review of Information Governance on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health.  The Review Panel will report its findings and make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Health in 2012.

The Review will make recommendations aimed at:

  • improving the sharing of personal information to support the care of individuals
  • enabling the further use of information more widely to improve health and social care services
  • protecting individuals’ confidentiality and respecting their wishes in relation to how their information is used.

What is information governance?

Information governance is the term used to describe the principles, processes, legal and ethical responsibilities for managing and handling information. It sets the requirements and standards that health and social care organisations need to achieve to ensure they fulfil their … Read more → – What is information governance?

Terms of reference

Mandate The mandate for the Review arose from a recommendation by the Future Forum that ‘a review of the current information governance rules and of their application [be commissioned], to report during 2012. The aim of the review should be … Read more → – Terms of reference

Press Release – Membership of Information Governance Review Panel Announced

Dame Fiona Caldicott, Chairman of the independent Information Governance Review, has selected the members of the Review Panel.

Information sharing is here to stay

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Press notice about the review

In January, the Government accepted the Future Forum’s recommendation for a review of the balance between protecting patient information and its sharing, to improve patient care. Dame Fiona Caldicott has agreed to lead this review.