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Strategies and policies

Title Description
ONS Business Plan 2011/12 to 2014/15 (175.8 Kb Pdf) The latest edition of ONS's annual business plan containing its role and vision, business priorities, business plan, projected departmental expenditure, transparancy, risks and outputs for the next five years. 
ONS Compliance Plan Reducing the administrative burden on businesses resulting from ONS surveys.
Strategic Overview (27.8 Kb Pdf) ONS has developed a new customer-focused vision and business goals which will help us deliver trusted statistics and help our users understand the UK, informing our business plans over the next five years.
The Vision for 2015: A strategy for improvement (158.9 Kb Pdf)

This strategy presents a refreshed vision, direction and priorities for ONS for 2010 to 2015.

It describes our aims, what drives them and how they will be achieved.

It builds on our strategic overview (27.8 Kb Pdf) published in June 2010.

User Engagement Strategy This strategy sets out each of the engagement approaches, defines the communication process and ONS's pledge to each.
People Survey 2010 (267.9 Kb Pdf)

The 2010 People Survey ran from 28 September to 29 October 2010 for UK Statistics Authority staff and ONS staff.

This was part of the wider Civil Service People Survey involving 103 Government departments and agencies.

The results reported here show combined results for UK Statistics Authority staff and ONS staff.

Where questions asked about working in ONS, UK Statistics Authority staff answered in respect of working in the UK Statistics Authority, and ONS staff answered about working in ONS. 

Sustainable Development This policy, strategy and action plan describes how ONS aims to deliver and maximise improvements in its sustainable development performance.
ONS Equality Scheme (206.4 Kb Pdf) This document describes the context, strategy and a set of actions to enable ONS to meet its equality duties.

ONS is committed to promoting equality for all and eliminating discrimination and harassment both in its role as the UK’s statistics office and as an employer.

This document is both ONS’s response to the statutory duties to develop and publish equality schemes, and an expression of ONS’s commitment to going beyond the statutory duties in pursuit of best practice.

(134.8 Kb Pdf)

Welsh Language Scheme (134.8 Kb Pdf)  


Under the Welsh Language Act 1993 every public body providing services to the public in Wales has to prepare a scheme setting out how it will provide those services in Welsh.

This is ONS's scheme.

It describes how we will give effect, so far as is both appropriate in the circumstances and reasonably practicable, to the principle established by the Welsh Language Act that, in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice in Wales, the Welsh and English languages should be treated on a basis of equality.

Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg (134.6 Kb Pdf)


O dan Ddeddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993 rhaid i bob corff cyhoeddus sy’n darparu gwasanaethau i’r cyhoedd yng Nghymru baratoi cynllun sy’n nodi sut y bydd yn darparu’r gwasanaethau hynny yn Gymraeg.

Dyma ein cynllun.

Mae’n disgrifio sut y byddwn yn gweithredu’r egwyddor a sefydlwyd gan Ddeddf yr Iaith Gymraeg, cyn belled â’i fod yn briodol o dan yr amgylchiadau ac yn rhesymol ymarferol, sef y dylid trin y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg yn gyfartal wrth gyflawni busnes cyhoeddus a gweinyddu cyfiawnder yng Nghymru. 


Title Description
YouTube Moderation policy  Moderation policy regarding the Office for National Statistics' YouTube channel
Twitter policy The Office for National Statistics Twitter account is managed by ONS Communication Division on behalf of ONS
Audioboo comments policy  Terms and conditions for commenting on ONS's Audioboo channel 
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