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MOPSU Reports and Updates

Initial Report (175.1 Kb Pdf)

This report sets out the principles of the MOPSU Project. The report defines the third sector including its involvement in public service delivery and available sources of data for measuring the added value of economic activities in the sector, whilst recognising the constraints of their availability.

It explores the current reporting burden on data providers. It proposes developments and initiatives to be considered that will benefit the governance, regulations, commissioning and procurement of the provision of public services, by focusing on health and social care, pre-school education and childcare.

Interim Report (2.77 Mb Pdf)

This report describes progress on the MOPSU project. This includes:

  • development of a toolkit (the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit, or ASCOT) for measuring outcomes of adult social care services, to be used by commissioners and regulators, and proposals for using its results

  • plans for a comparison of quality and outcome measures in pre-school education, using Ofsted data and data from the Millennium Cohort Study

  • progress from the findings of the report on Estimates of government funding to the Third Sector (293.3 Kb Pdf)

Final report (836.3 Kb Pdf)

This report sets out the aims, methodolody and findings of the three MOPSU work-strands (adult social care, early years education and the third sector) and sets out the benefits that have been realised through the completion of the project.

Extendibility report (197.6 Kb Pdf)

This report sets out guidance for those wishing to measure outcomes of other public services. The report provides criteria to allow people to assess whether the MOPSU principles could be extended to cover their service and provides two examples.

Quality adjusting adult social care output and productivity (83.7 Kb Pdf)

This report sets out the issues and approaches to quality adjusting publicly funded adult social care output and productivity. The report sets out a way forward, building on the work undertaken as part of the MOPSU project.

The following summaries present the key findings from the MOPSU project:

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