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Adult Social Care

The Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent (the leading UK research body on personal social services) are undertaking a series of studies on the outcomes of adult social care services, as part of the MOPSU project. There are four main stages to the work:

  • Conceptual work to develop an understanding of the concept of ‘value’ and a practical approach to measurement – the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT)

  • Fieldwork to test the toolkit and provide outcomes information for a sample of care home residents and low-level service users

  • Comparison of research measures with routine low-burden indicators, for example information collected by the regulator

  • Development of the toolkit

PSSRU is also leading on a population preference study to gauge the relative importance of different outcome domains. This will enable the inclusion of preference weights in the toolkit. A separate study is being undertaken to explore the complex issue of defining and measuring outcomes of information and advice services.

This work-strand feeds into the work being conducted by the UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA) as it could provide a way forward for quality-adjusting adult social care in the National Accounts. This could improve the current measure (524.2 Kb Pdf) , which does not fully capture changes in output as it takes no consideration of:

  • the level of need or dependency of those receiving the services

  • the quality of the services, particularly in terms of the impact they have on service users

This section contains reports from PSSRU which have been produced as part of the MOPSU project. Overviews of the reports are provided below.

Measuring Outcomes in Social Care: Conceptual Development and Empirical Design (published October 2007) (656.1 Kb Pdf)

This report describes the progress made in developing a conceptual framework for measurement of outcomes of adult social care, addressing the questions of what ‘value’ is and how it can be measured. The conclusions of this work are then discussed in terms of their implications for the research design and plans regarding the empirical work are set out.

The following report present the findings of research to measure outcomes in adult social care services:

Care homes: Final report (2.17 Mb Pdf) Care homes:annexes (695.9 Kb Pdf)

Day care services: Final report (1.06 Mb Pdf) Day care services:annexes (593.2 Kb Pdf)

Information and advice services: Final report (1.36 Mb Pdf)

Preference study report (548.8 Kb Pdf)

This report presents the findings of a general population survey to establish preference weights placed on different social care outcome domains.

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