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Regional Statisticians

Managed rundown of the service

(update March 2011)

The ONS Regional Statistician (RS) service formally closed at the end of March 2011.

The RS teams, based in the nine regions of England, were funded by the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) since they were established in 2007.

However, in March 2010 the RDAs, whilst still highly supportive of the RS teams and the analytical capability they provided, announced their intention to pull out of the funding agreement from the end of March 2011.

This was due to concerns over the future of the RDAs and because they felt that the funding model should represent the wider community that benefitted from the service.

Given the difficult financial climate, ONS were unable to find additional money to fund the RDA contribution, and pressures on departmental budgets more widely meant that an alternative funding source could not been found.

As a result, a decision was taken to enter the service into a managed run-down.


In the March 2007 Budget Report, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the introduction of the ONS regional statistical teams, one of the recommendations from the Allsopp Review of Statistics for Economic Policymaking.

The RS teams, made up of a statistician and an analyst in each of the nine regions of England, are a source of regional expertise for ONS. They provide a key method of improving each region's information base for the benefit of the region and of ONS. The teams work with regional and sub-regional institutions to improve the comparability of regional data.

Core functions

  • To gather intelligence to help improve the quality of ONS data and processes, keeping ONS up to date with changes in the regions
  • To quality assure final estimates of regional GVA
  • To help improve the quality of the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) and business survey data, which will feed through to regional GVA
  • To provide access to IDBR data for RDAs
  • To act as focus to feed views through from regional bodies, assisting ONS in its decision-making
  • To provide a first point of ONS contact for key regional bodies
  • To provide independent advice to regional users on the use of ONS and GSS (Government Statistical Service) statistics, including on technical issues, such as the use of statistics in monitoring performance against targets
  • To work with regional partners on collaborative projects
  • To facilitate provision of training to regional partners on, for instance, economic statistics
  • To assess, or assist in the assessment of locally commissioned and locally held data

  • Regional News

    Items of interest from the ONS centre which would be of interest to regional partners

  • Map of the regions

    Rough map of locations where Regional Statisticians are based.

  • North West

    Details of the North West regional statistics team.

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