The latest national statistics on School Workforce produced by the Department for Education were released on 25th April 2012 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics AuthorityUK Statistics Authority

DfE: School Workforce in England (Provisional), November 2011

DescriptionStatistics on the School Workforce in publicly funded schools in England for November 2011 are published together with comparable figures for earlier years. The statistics include teacher, teaching assistants and other support staff numbers in service, their age gender and ethnicity, teachers pay, teacher qualifications and curriculum, teacher vacancies and teacher sickness absence. Information on pupil to teacher (PTR) and pupil to adult ratios will be added when they are available. School, Local Authority, and regional level figures will also be added when they are available.

The main points are:

The size of the school workforce in all publicly funded schools is nearly 876,000 full-time equivalent permanent employees. Compared with previous years, the school workforce has seen substantial increases in the numbers of school support staff whilst the number of school teachers has remained relatively flat:
  • between 2005 and 2011, the numbers of full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers has increased by almost 4,000 from 434,200 to 438,000;
  • for the same period, the numbers of FTE teaching assistants has increased by 72,500 (from 147,200 to 219,800); and
  • the comparable number of FTE support staff has increased by 15,300 (from 118,700 to 133,900).
  • there were 11,500 occasional teachers and 41,100 support staff employed by a third party in service on the census day.

The total headcount of teachers (excluding occasional teachers) is 486,000. This is the equivalent of 438,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers which represents presents a decrease of around 10,000 (2.2%) FTE teachers compared with November 2010 (448,100).

Of the 438,100 full-time equivalent teachers 27% are male; however only 14% of primary school teachers are male (no change from last year).

Age distribution

Over half, 54%, of all FTE teachers are aged under 40: 23% are under 30; 31% are aged between 30 and 40. Of the remaining 46%, 23% are aged between 40 and 50; 20% are aged between 50 and 60 and just under 3% of teachers are over 60 (practically identical to the previous year).The average ages of female and male teachers are 40 and 41 respectively.


Ethnicity details are known for 95% of all teachers. Of these, 88.8% are White British. This proportion rises to 92.5% for Deputy and Assistant Heads and to 94.5% for Head Teachers. In comparison, the proportion of unqualified teachers who are White British is substantially lower - 78.7% (all these statistics show very little change from last year).

88.5% of all non-teaching staff in schools are White British and this varies little between teaching assistants, technicians, other school support staff and auxiliary staff. However, for school administrative staff the proportion who are White British is higher at 92.4% (again these figures are almost identical to last year).

Average pay

The average (mean) pay for full-time classroom teachers in all schools is £34,700. It is slightly higher for male teachers: £36,000 compared with £34,100 for female teachers. The difference in average pay is mainly explained by the higher proportions of female teachers who work in nursery and primary schools where the pay is less than in secondary schools. The average salary figures are approximately £100 less than the equivalent figures for last year.
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