The latest national statistics on Level 2 and 3 by age 19 produced by the Department for Education were released on 19th April 2012 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics AuthorityUK Statistics Authority

DfE: Level 2 and 3 Attainment by Young People in England Measured Using Matched Administrative Data: Attainment by Age 19 in 2011

DescriptionStatistics on level 2 and 3 attainment by age 19 are published as LEVEL 2 AND 3 ATTAINMENT BY YOUNG PEOPLE IN ENGLAND MEASURED USING MATCHED ADMINISTRATIVE DATA: ATTAINMENT BY AGE 19 IN 2011 and include data from England covering overall Level 2 and 3 attainment by age, cohort, qualification type, and institution type. It also includes breakdowns by gender, ethnicity, special educational needs (SEN) and eligibility for Free School Meals (FSM) for those in state schools at age 15, and new measures for attainment of Level 2 English and maths. Local authority data is available for both overall Level 2 and 3 and breakdowns by FSM.

The latest statistics report on the period up to 2010/11 and update those previously released on 31 March 2011. The main points are:
  • Attainment of Level 2 or higher and Level 3 by age 19 continued to rise between 2010 and 2011 at a rate similar to the most recent trend. In 2011, 83.8 per cent of 19 year olds were qualified to Level 2 or higher, and 56.7 per cent were qualified to Level 3.
  • The gap in attainment at 19 between those formerly eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at academic age 15 and those not eligible continued to close at Level 2, and Level 2 with English and maths, but at Level 3 it widened by 0.5 percentage points between 2010 and 2011, to 24.7 percentage points. This reverses the recent trend which has seen the gap narrowing, albeit slowly, each year between 2005 and 2010.
  • The increase in the gap in attainment of Level 3 at age 19 between the FSM group and their peers was driven by a large increase in the gap between those attaining A-levels by age 19. Between 2010 and 2011, the proportion of the group not eligible for FSM who attained 2 or more A-levels by age 19 rose by 1.2 percentage points, to 36.5 per cent. The proportion of the FSM group attaining A-levels only rose by 0.4 percentage points, to 15.0 per cent.
  • Attainment at Level 2 (GCSE A*-C or equivalent) in English and maths by age 19 continued its rising trend. In 2011, 71.5 per cent of young people had attained Level 2 English, and 65.8 per cent had attained Level 2 maths, up by 2.3 percentage points and 3.2 percentage points respectively since 2010. The proportion of those who failed to reach Level 2 at age 16 but went on to attain Level 2 by age 19 also rose for both English and maths.
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Additional informationEXCEL (Tables 1-5, overall national tables including Level 2/3 by age and cohort, qualification type and institution type)
Additional informationEXCEL (Tables 6-14, Level 2/3 and Level 2 with English and maths by age 19 for young people in state schools at 15 including breakdowns by characteristics (gender, FSM, ethnicity, SEN))
Additional informationEXCEL (Tables 15 to 18, Level 2/3 and L2 with English & maths by age 19 for young people in state schools at 15 by Local Authority and FSM eligibility)
Additional informationEXCEL (Tables 19-21, Level 2/3 attainment by Local Authority by age and cohort)
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