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Announcement of the Discontinuation of the 'Behaviour in Schools in England' statistical release.
The Department usually publishes a Statistical Release entitled "Behaviour in Schools in England" in April each year. This release covers information on behaviour judgements from Ofsted inspections and shows the latest judgement for each school inspected as at December in the preceding year. However, under new transparency arrangements, Ofsted are now publishing these data on their website and will be doing so each quarter, as follows, December, March, June and September. Each release will show the latest position at the end of the previous quarter. This therefore negates the need for the Department for Education to continue with this publication. The timetable for future releases of official statistics about maintained schools inspections and outcomes can be found in the Schedule for the release of official statistics.

The information previously available in the DfE Statistical Release "Behaviour in Schools in England" can now be found in Table 3 in the Official statistics: Maintained school inspections and outcomes publication (Maintained Key Findings) and underlying data, available via the Ofsted website.

The intention to consider discontinuing this publication was first announced in September 2011 in the DfE Schedule of Publications.

Questions on the above can be directed to Lorraine Watson (020 7340 8080) or Christina Swensson (020 7340 7949).

Announcement of the Discontinuation of the Children's Services Statistical Neighbour Benchmarking Tool (CSSNBT)
The Department has maintained the Children's Services Statistical Neighbours Benchmarking Tool (CSSNBT) for a number of years. The CSSNBT has provided one method for benchmarking progress of individual authorities against other LAs for specific indicators.

The Department has also maintained the Local Area Interactive Tool (LAIT). This contains data for over 250 indicators which can be displayed at LA and regional level and in either geographic or statistical neighbour groupings. The LAIT is widely used by authorities and provides a more comprehensive source of information than the CSSNBT.

Over the last months, the DfE has expressed its desire to discontinue the support of the CSSNBT in favour of the LAIT, to streamline activity.

A note was placed in the ICES Bulletin (No 53) in December, announcing the plans and asking for feedback from local users prior to any transition being made to the LAIT. Communication also took place with Ofsted to ensure that the plans to discontinue the CSSNBT will not affect their business.

The CSSNNT page therefore, is to be updated by end of March 2012 to only include simplified speadsheets which will include no output statistics. However, it will still allow a drop down view of an authority's neighbours and will still list all LAs and their neighbours by name and another by LA number. The new page would direct the LAs to the LAIT webpage for statistical information.

Anyone with questions about the above should contact Alexandra Sarikaki (020 7340 8112) or Laura Powell (020 7340 7465).

Discontinuation of the Statistical Bulletin - School Destinations of Secondary School Pupils Resident in London Boroughs
The 2011 Statistical Bulletin on School Destinations of Secondary School Pupils Resident in London Boroughs was scheduled for publication in September 2011. This was delayed pending consultation with users on the requirements for publication including the possible discontinuation. Evaluation of the consultation concluded that the publication was of interest to a niche audience and that meeting this requirement may not be the most effective use of resources. In addition an assessment of the impact of dropping the publication on a permanent basis concluded that the impact would be minimal. The National Statistician raised no objections to the recommendation to no longer produce these official statistics.

A full summary of the evidence can be found in the User Consultation section: School Destinations of Secondary School Pupils Resident in London Boroughs 2010 Bulletin - User Consultation feedback - February 2012

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