Why the ebd approach?

What’s special about the ebd approach?

People round a table The ebd approach enables healthcare providers to understand the experience of healthcare from the patient, carer and staff perspective to ensure that what might have been seen as 'little things' in the past will be recognised as an important part of the delivery of high quality care.

Using experience to design better healthcare is unique in the way that it focuses so strongly on capturing and understanding patients', carers' and staff experiences of services; not just their views of the process like the speed and efficiency at which they travel through the system. Instead, this approach deliberately draws out the subjective, personal feelings a patient and carer experiences at crucial points in the care pathway. It does this by:

  • encouraging and supporting patients and carers to ‘tell their stories’.
  • using these stories to pinpoint those parts of the care pathway where the users’ experience is most powerfully shaped (the ‘touchpoints’).
  • working with patients, carers and frontline staff to redesign these experiences rather than just systems and processes.
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Sheelagh Wren "We're working as equals alongside staff, sharing ideas and finding commonsense solutions"
Sheelagh Wren


Carole Glover "EBD has prompted me to act on some of the things we've wanted to do for ages"
Carole Glover
Clinical Nurse Specialist


John Pickles "It's the way patients feel at certain points of their care that leads us to the hard improvements"
John Pickles
Consultant Otolaryngologist