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What can I do?

HealthSpace allows you to manage your own health through one single point of access, enabling you to share in decisions about your care.

Basic Self-registration service

Use an online personal health organiser where you can:

  • Record personal information such as name, address, height, weight
  • Record, store and track health and lifestyle information such as alcohol consumption, smoking habits, calories, blood pressure, peak flow 
  • Find doctors, dentists and other NHS services and add them to your personal HealthSpace address book
  • Access other NHS websites such as NHS Choices and Choose and Book

Advanced service

If your local NHS is creating Summary Care Records (SCRs) you will be invited to upgrade from the Basic service to the Advanced service. The Advanced service lets you do all of the things you can do with the Basic service but gives you access to a wider range of services:

  • View your Summary Care Record (SCR)  - if your local NHS has created SCRs in your area, you can view your SCR if you choose to
  • Use HealthSpace Communicator - a new and secure way for patients to communicate electronically with health care staff such as doctors and nurses. HealthSpace Communicator is currently available in a number of early adopter areas where the local health care staff feel it will be of benefit to the patient.

Visit What is HealthSpace for further information on the Basic self-registration service and the Advanced service.