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During 2009/10 we began a change journey. To become 'first for trusted statistics', our change journey will lead to improvements in the following areas. These strategic aims summarise the areas we aim to develop during the next four years.

Our leadership and skills

The need for development of our leadership and skills follows feedback from the people surveys; the difficult leadership challenges that we will face over the next few years; the overall direction of the civil service skills agenda and ONS needs following relocation. These challenges will require a variety of responses. We will develop a set of leadership values that will enable our vision to be progressed and will provide a model for ONS people who aspire to leadership roles. We will also support leaders in adopting these values and behaviours. The new vision and strategic aims taken with the business priorities being developed will provide clear direction to the office, and communication methods will be developed to maximise face to face communication in the office and provide visibility and engagement.

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Our record of delivery

We will continue to focus on presenting statistics and analysis so that the messages from the statistics are clearly stated in a form that meets customer needs. We will develop fit for purpose corporate and technology infrastructure and processes to support staff in delivering to customers, and will deliver on our commitments so that we can say: 'we will do what we say we will do'.

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Understanding of the quality of our statistics

ONS statistics are generally recognised as fit for purpose by our customers. The Statistics Authority's Code of Practice requires us to improve our engagement with customers on statistical quality by ensuring customers understand the quality of our statistics and by establishing how far the quality meets their needs. Additional government security requirements and the continued concern about data assurance requires us to ensure our confidentiality commitments are met and that the security of our statistics is maintained. Establishing a climate of continuous quality improvement will also reduce cost and enhance value.

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Our strength in innovation

ONS has strength in innovation and we will continue to look ahead at the way society and technology is changing and learn about its impact on what we do and how we do it. Part of this involves our being aware of our key customers' future information needs, how this influences the range of statistics we offer and how we offer them. Responding to these challenges will require us to develop our organisational capability and build our skill capacity. We will broaden our customer base to serve the public good, exploring with new customers how we can help them, and work in partnership with other providers, our suppliers and our customers recognising that we do not have the monopoly of good ideas.

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The value for money we give

Delivering within a reducing resource base will be our most challenging task given the strong needs that exist for our statistics. We will need to take tough decisions on priorities around current and future customer needs, while searching for efficiencies in what we do and how we do it. We will work to exploit our data sources to realise their full analytical potential, and reduce the costs we impose on our data suppliers.

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