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Managing the welfare of people

Improve employee health and well-being

How to reduce the cost of ill health to your business and improve employee health and well-being

How to deal with stress

Putting the systems and policies in place to deal with the growing problem of stress in the workplace

Occupational health and welfare: an overview

How to prevent and manage illness, injury and other ill effects, including social ones, stemming from the workplace

Diseases, infections and allergies

Understanding the risks posed by disease, and protecting staff from, infection and allergy

Agency workers' health and safety

What businesses and agencies must do to protect agency workers' health and safety

Ensure the safety of lone workers

The legal responsibilities for managing the extra risks faced by people who work alone

Smoking policies, drugs and alcohol abuse

Identifying and dealing with problems caused by smoking, drugs and alcohol

Ensure your products are safe

How to design and manufacture your products in the safest and most cost effective way

Product liability

Your legal responsibility to make sure your products are sufficiently safe




Workplace health & safety


What you need to do about health and safety


Write a health and safety policy for your business


Decide who will help with your health and safety duties


Managing the risks in your business


Consult your employees on health and safety


Provide training and information


What workplace facilities do you need to provide?


First aid, accidents and ill health


Getting insurance


Protecting your business

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Managing the welfare of people


Safer ways of working