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The Planning Portal is the Government’s official planning website. Every local authority in England and Wales accepts planning applications via the Planning Portal.

There are many benefits to creating and submitting applications online.Click here to make a planning application It can be used to complete applications for consents including:

  • planning permission
  • lawful development certificates
  • listed building consent
  • conservation area consent

New to the online application service?Click here to buy a plan

  • The service is straightforward and secure. The online process guides you through applications with help available at each stage.
  • Save your work and break away at any time. When you return to the application your previous entries will be waiting for you.
  • Save on costs of paper and postage when making copies of your application and supporting documents - and cut your carbon footprint at the same time.

Further information:

Note: the following forms are not available to complete online. For details, click on the application types below:

Guidance and support

If you need help with your application you can use our frequently asked questions (FAQs) service or contact our support team.

Download blank application forms

You can also download blank PDF format forms via our online forms cabinet.


Extending the time limits of existing planning permissions

Application for non-material amendments following planning permission

The fees for these application types are shown here.

These forms are currently not available on the online application system, fee calculator or forms cabinet. This means that the forms do not currently carry specific LPA details or branding. We are working to implement these functions.