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Your licence and compliance requirements

Your licence and compliance requirements gives you licence summaries and compliance guidance for your business category. It may not cover every aspect of your business. It also lists trade bodies with expertise about your area of business.

Identify the business category (or categories) that best describe your business, by searching or browsing.

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(cultivation of land or animals)

(includes leisure and culture facilities and services)

(includes hotels, hostels, cafes, bars, restaurants and take-away)

(building and civil engineering works)

(includes teaching, training and instruction)

(includes medical practice, complimentary therapies and residential or day care)

(includes training, publishing, repair and consultancy)

(production of goods for sale)

(includes production, distribution broadcasting and publishing)

(extraction of metals, oil, and gas, and the supply of electricity, gas and water supply)

(includes cosmetic, domestic and spiritual activities)

(includes financial, legal, real estate, office and advertising activities)

(the sale, rental and restoration of goods)

(the sale of goods in large quantities for resale by retailers)

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