Simple information to help answer your questions on jury service, courts, sentencing, ASBOs and prisons.


  1. Complain about a judge, magistrate, tribunal member or coroner
  2. Complain about a legal adviser


  1. Become a magistrate
  2. Court fees - what they are
  3. Criminal courts
  4. Going to court as a victim or witness
  5. Jury service
  6. Legal aid
  7. Pay a court fine online
  8. Represent yourself in court

Prisons and probation

  1. Find a prison
  2. Find out what prison someone is in
  3. Leaving prison
  4. Prison life
  5. Probation
  6. Staying in touch with someone in prison
  7. Support for families and friends of prisoners - what's available
  8. Types of prison sentences
  9. Volunteer to check standards in prison

Reporting crime

  1. Benefit fraud
  2. Report a crime or anti-social behaviour
  3. Report a rape or sexual assault
  4. Report a stalker
  5. Report abuse of an older person
  6. Report benefit fraud
  7. Report domestic abuse
  8. Report hate crime


  1. Appeal against a sentence or a conviction
  2. Community sentences
  3. Complain about a low Crown Court sentence
  4. Getting a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check
  5. How long criminal records last
  6. How long criminal records last
  7. How sentences are worked out

Terrorism and extremism

  1. Report extremism
  2. Report suspicious activity to MI5
  3. Terrorism and national emergencies

The police

  1. Being arrested: your rights
  2. Contact the police
  3. Join the police
  4. Police Community Support Officers
  5. Police powers of arrest: your rights
  6. Police powers to stop and search: your rights
  7. Report or find a missing person

Victims of crime

  1. After a crime: your rights
  2. Claim compensation for a criminal injury
  3. Get support as a victim of crime
  4. Using reasonable force against intruders

Young people and crime

  1. Alcohol and young people - the law
  2. What happens to me if my child gets in trouble with the police
  3. What is the age of criminal responsibility?
  4. Young people in custody
  5. Youth crime prevention programmes
  6. Youth offending teams

Your neighbourhood

  1. Contact your council about crime prevention and community safety
  2. Getting an ASBO
  3. Knives: the laws on buying and carrying
  4. Nominate a Community Payback project
  5. Protests and marches: letting the police know


  1. Complain about a claims company