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Our Business awards finder is a searchable database of business recognition awards that your business might be eligible to enter. Whilst a business recognition award may not always involve a financial reward, winning one may help your business' profile and reputation. There are also awards available for entrepreneurs and other individual businesspeople.

Please note that there may be a fee to enter certain awards, so read the conditions and criteria carefully before applying.

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  1. Female Entrepreneur of the Year
    Provides recognition to female entrepreneurs running their own business
  2. Green Apple Environment Award
    Provides recognition to businesses who promote environmental best practice
  3. Community Benefit Award
    Recognises tourism businesses that provide direct benefits to local people
  4. Global Tourism Business Award
    Recognises best practises in sustainable tourism businesses
  5. Electrical and Electronic Recycler of the Year
    Commends companies and organisations for their recycling and waste reduction initiatives
  6. Conservation Awards
    Recognises tourism businesses that help to preserve the local environment
  7. Award for Customer Focus
    The award recognises businesses that understand their customers' requirements
  8. Award for Innovation in Products and Processes
    The award recognises businesses who have developed an innovative manufacturing process
  9. Award for Logistics and Operational Efficiency
    The award recognises businesses that have developed good manufacturing processes
  10. Award for Business Development and Change Management
    The award recognises businesses that have changed the way their business is run