Inspire - Sport

Inspire - Sport

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The sport strand of the Inspire programme has two aims:

- To increase participation in grass roots sports, sport competition and physical activity.
- To improve Olympic and Paralympic medal table performance.

Spotlight on: Young Ambassadors

Among the first sport Inspire projects is the Young Ambassador programme, led by Youth Sport Trust. Between now and 2012, 5,500 Young Ambassadors will be selected from 450 School Sport Partnerships, either because of their strong sporting talent or through their commitment to sports leadership and volunteering.

Jasmine Scott, coming to the end of her second year as a Young Ambassador, said: ‘I’ve had an amazing experience as a Young Ambassador and have a passion for the programme and how it helps young people to inspire other young people.’

Paul Deighton, Chief Executive, London 2012 Organising Committee, said: ‘The Young Ambassador programme will help bring the benefits of the 2012 Games to every part of the UK so we are delighted to recognise the scheme through our Inspire programme.’

Read about Hannah’s journey as a Young Ambassador

Other Sport projects in the Inspire Programme

Activ8 will target every primary school child in Northern Ireland aged 7 to 11 years to promote and encourage participation in sport and physical activity, using the Olympic and Paralympic Values. Visit the Activ8 website

Bristol festival of School Sport and Culture
A project designed to engage the ‘semi-sporty’ and unadventurous/reluctant pupils in order to offer opportunities for those who want to but are generally unable to compete in sport activity. Read more about Bristol festival of School Sport and Culture

Competitive Edge
Norfolk County’s pathway for performance and talent development within PE and sport. It caters for young people whom have a gift in PE and sport and develops their talent.

Championing the East Midlands

A unique set of seven contemporary images that successfully combine sport and tourism are being exhibited. This will showcase the East Midlands as a region of sporting excellence and an inspirational place to visit in the run up to the 2012 Games.  

The images are of local young athletes practicing their sport at some of the region's iconic tourism attractions. Initially the photos are on view at the region's airport but they will soon be on tour.

City Masters 
A series of new sports clubs for adults aged 45 and over, providing weekly training sessions with fully qualified coaches in fencing, short mat bowls, swimming, table tennis and tennis. All training sessions are free and open to City of London residents and workers. Read more about City Masters

Free Swimming
Twenty million people are being given the chance to swim for free in pools the length and breadth of England. Read more about the Free Swimming programme

Getting Ready for the Games and Beyond
A capacity-building programme designed to harness the potential of community-based youth clubs across London and increase the scope and volume of sports offered to young people. This will help increase habitual participation in sport amongst young Londoners - beyond talent, the school gate and traditional boundaries.

Go Enfield Go 
An event designed to inspire over 1,000 Enfield primary school children to take part in sport and dance using the power of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week
More than 10,000 schools and 3 million children took part in Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week in 2009. Using the power of the London 2012 Games, teachers fulfilled objectives for PE and school sport, and inspired more pupils to take part in more sport. Read more about Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week

New Life New You 
The project aims to test whether increasing physical activity levels within people with Type 2 Diabetes leads to a reduction in the onset of the condition. Participants on the scheme will receive support over a 12 month period to become more active, both in terms of emotional support and through subsidised access to a menu of physical activity opportunities. Visit the New Life New You website

Northern Ireland primary schools '5 star DisabilitySports Challenge'
The ‘5 Star Paralympic Sports Challenge’ will involve disabled sportspeople, including local Paralympic champions, visiting 65 of Northern Ireland’s primary schools over a three and a half year period. They will be raising awareness of disability sport and the 2012 Games, as well as giving older children the opportunity to participate in five Paralympic sports. Visit the Disibility Sports NI website

Once in a Lifetime
‘Once in a Lifetime’ sets out a legacy vision for sport and physical activity in East London, celebrating and showcasing the area and inspiring a renewed desire and enthusiasm for sport and physical activity.

Play Sport London
The London 'Summer of Sport' is a Mayoral initiative aimed to increase and sustain sport and physical activity participation in London in the lead up to, and beyond, the 2012 Games. Visit the Play Sport London website

Sports Jam
Sports Jam are working to support 20 community sports clubs in Tower Hamlets and Hackney with funds, advice and networking. They're helping develop the clubs' youth sections, get more kids playing sport regularly, create more coaches and volunteers, subsidise membership, buy new equipment and help them apply for available grants.

Sports Legacy
A project that will provide athletics programmes aimed at young people aged between 5 – and 14 years to maximise sports participation in ex-coalfield regions (the East Midlands and Yorkshire).

St. Helens Club Conference                                                      
The conference is based around the question 'How can the St. Helens club help you to increase sport participation and physical activity?' The conference is open to all sports clubs in the Merseyside area.

Street Games: Legacy Leaders
Street Champions aims to be active in over 100 inner-city projects in the country’s most deprived areas with a network through sport and renewal. The project is all about making sport accessible to children – when and where they want to get involved. Visit the Street Games: Legacy Leaders website

Surf Life Festival
A yearly festival in Cornwall designed to drive sport participation in surf lifesaving and beyond. The 2009 event saw a performance from Parkour UK showing off their street running skills and inspiring children to try it out. Read more about the Surf Life Festival

The Suffolk Challenge
The Suffolk Challenge has been specifically developed in order to use the inspiration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to have a positive impact on childhood obesity in the county by encouraging children and their families to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Visit the Suffolk Challenge website

The Virtual Games Village
The Virtual Games Village resources will appear on the NHS Choices website to take up sport and get fit. Visit the NHS Choices website

Time to Get Active
Time to Get Active is Scope’s new mass participation initiative, encouraging everyone to get active for Scope during an annual Time to Get Equal week. Visit the Time to Get Active homepage

Walk England Active Challenge Routes
The Active Challenge Routes project aims to create 2012 one mile walking routes across the country so people can test their fitness levels using a version of the Rockport one mile walking test.

Walking and cycling leaflet and poster campaign
The campaign forms part of the Department of Health's Physical Activity Plan to get one million more adults physically active by 2012. This leaflet and poster campaign is mainly to increase physical activity levels and improve health, but also to contribute to reducing levels of congestion and improve air quality and the effects on climate change.

Walk London: free led walking weekends
Walk London are offering healthy, safe, and enjoyable moderate activity in a fascinatingly varied outdoor environment, from urban ambles to suburban strides and rural roams, with a diverse group of friendly people. The project will encourage more people to walk more often for everyday purposes and thereby improve their basic levels of fitness. Visit the Walk London free led walking weekends website

Inspiring change

Find out about some of the exceptional projects already up and running in the other strands of the Inspire programme:
- Culture
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- Sustainability
- Volunteering
- Business