Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Our vision is to use the inspiration of the 2012 Games to leave a legacy of an active, healthy and creative society.
We want people to be inspired, get involved and participate.

Achieving our vision

2012 Team in DCAL (the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure) leads and coordinates on all aspects relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 for Northern Ireland. Our aim is to deliver a economic, social and sporting legacy for Northern Ireland.

Planning and delivery

A Northern Ireland Strategy for the Games has been prepared to maximise the potential benefits for NI and involves seven key themes with the relevant stakeholder organisation taking the lead in their particular sector as follows:-

  • Culture (Arts Council of NI);
  • Sports (Sport NI/ Disability Sport NI);
  • Tourism (NI Tourist Board);
  • Business (Invest NI);
  • Education (Department of Education);
  • Skills & Employment (Department for Employment and Learning); and
  • Volunteering (NI Volunteer Development Agency).

A Northern Ireland 2012 Leadership Group has been established to identify, promote and maximise the opportunities that arise from the 2012 Games and reinforce a positive image of Northern Ireland.

The group is chaired by the Minister for DCAL and involves a representative from each of the sectors/Departments above with representation also from Belfast City Council; Local Councils; and Disability Sports NI. 

The group also includes NI International footballer David Healy, 2012 Ambassador for NI. David’s status has helped to raise the profile of the Games locally and inspire young people to become involved.

A Local Government Group has also been established to ensure that all areas of Northern Ireland are touched by the Games.

Download a review of the Cultural Olympiad in Northern Ireland 2010-11

Contact information

For all enquiries related to Northern Ireland’s plans to benefit from the 2012 Games, email: northernireland@