Capital funding

Capital Funding for Academies in 2012-13

In December 2011 the Secretary of State announced four capital funds for which Academies will be eligible: Devolved Formula Capital, the Academies Maintenance Capital Maintenance Fund, the 16-19 Demographic Growth Capital Fund and Basic Need funding. The current information on each fund is below; the YPLA or Partnerships for Schools will issue further information as it becomes available.

Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) 2012-13: Academies

Academies will receive DFC payments for the 2012-13 financial year at the same funding rate as for 2011-12 (see table). Each Academy that is “open” as of 1 April 2012, including those that opened on 1 April 2012, will receive all of its DFC allocation, in a single payment, from the Education Funding Agency. The payments will be made after April 2012. The January 2011 census learner numbers will be used to calculate the DFC allocations. Schools that convert to Academy status after 1 April 2012 will receive DFC payments from their local authorities for the 2012-13 financial year. Further information can be found on the DfE website website

Devolved Formula Capital Funding Rates for Academies and Schools

Per Institution £4,000
Per Primary Pupil £11.25
Per Secondary Pupil £16.875
Per SEN Pupil in Designated Special Schools £33.75

Academies Capital Maintenance Fund (ACMF) 2012-13

In December 2011, the Secretary of State announced a £276 million Academies Capital Maintenance Fund for the 2012-13 financial year. The priorities of the fund have been extended to cover applications from successful, popular Academies wishing to expand their existing facilities and floor space so that they can accommodate more pupils within their existing age range, in addition to those with significant and urgent needs in terms of the building condition and/or health and safety issues.

The deadline for submitting applications is 6pm on Wednesday 28 March 2012. It is intended that successful applicants will be notified by the end of May 2012. Partnerships for Schools (PfS) is administering the application process. The Education Funding Agency will take over responsibility in April 2012.

All Academies open on or before 1 March 2012 are eligible to apply in this initial application round. Academies which do so will not be eligible to apply for funding in later 2012-13 application round(s), which will primarily be for those opening later in the year. Each eligible Academy may submit one application consisting of up to three capital projects.

Instructions for applicants and supporting information are on the the PfS website

16-19 Demographic Growth Capital Fund 2012-13

As announced, this £44m fund will address new learner places needed arising from increases in the local population of young people aged 16 to 19, including new places needed for local provision for learners with learning disabilities and/or difficulties. Academies, sixth form colleges and local-authority-maintained schools are eligible to benefit from the funding. The YPLA will issue further information on this fund as it becomes available.

Basic Need Capital Funding

Capital funding to address basic need for new pupil places due to local demographic changes for 2012-13 is to continue to be administered by local authorities. Local authorities are required to consider need in both Academies and maintained schools in allocating this funding. Further information can be found on the DfE website

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