16-19 Allocations for 2012/13

We are writing to colleges, providers, schools and academies in January to inform them of their learner numbers that will be funded in 2012/13, alongside other information which will be used to support the 16-19 programme, 19-24 LLDD and 16-19 bursary funding allocations. Any responses to the January statements will need to reach the YPLA by Friday 17 February. Final allocations will be issued in March 2012.

To accompany the 16-19 Learner Number Statements 2012/13, a set of explanatory notes have been produced for colleges and other FE providers, and a separate set for schools and academies.  The document below is the explanatory note for schools and academies and sets out the background details behind the figures in the 16-19 learner number statement for the 2012/13 academic year.

16-19 Allocations for 2011/12

The spreadsheet below contains the YPLA 16-19 programme, 19-24 LLDD and 16-19 bursary fund allocations for 2011/12 for colleges, schools, Academies and providers. This information was taken from YPLA systems on 1st August 2011.

The documents below contain various information relating to allocations for 2011/12 which have now been issued:

16-19 Allocations for 2010/11

The spreadsheet below contains the YPLA 16-18 programme and 19-24 LLDD allocations for colleges, schools and providers in 2010/11. This information has been taken from YPLA systems during November 2010.

Additional Allocations for 2009/10

In Budget 2009 additional funds were allocated to fund 54,500 additional places for 16-18 year olds. 20,000 of these places were to be allocated through a bidding process across all types of provider. All school sixth forms, colleges and E2E providers received an invitation to submit a business case for additional places by 15 May 2009.

The purpose of the additional funding was to ensure that the LSC could meet the September Guarantee and its commitment to those that are not in education, employment or training (NEET) in every area of the country. This does not imply that all learners recruited above provider’s allocations will be funded.

Attached below are a briefing note on the process, the proformas used and the results of the scoring and moderation of these additional places. The spreadsheet gives the detailed scores, a notes page is included.

Allocations Data 2009/10

Allocations Data 2005/06 to 2008/09

The spreadsheets provide information on:

  • Allocations to each provider for each of the years 2005/06 to 2008/09 for the main LSC funding programmes
  • These allocations summarised by local authority
  • Provider factors used in the calculation of 2008/09 allocations (the first year of demand-led funding).

To sort the data please copy the spreadsheet into a blank spreadsheet and then select the autofilter option under the excel tools menu. Alternatively if you require a copy of the spreadsheets that have sort filters, please email