2011-2013 ESF provision supporting Young People

The Young People's Learning Agency works closely with the Skills Funding Agency and local authorities to make sure that ESF funding is used to target key areas of need. As the co-financing organisation, the Skills Funding Agency manages all the ESF procurement and contracts for 14-19 provision on behalf of the YPLA; with the YPLA working with local authorities to understand the local needs and make sure that appropriate learning provision is sourced.

Nationally, the aim of this ESF programme is to support young people who are 'not in employment, education or training' (NEET) and young people at risk of becoming NEET. They are likley to be those who face multiple barriers to their participation and need a different type of offer of post-16 provision to engage them in learning and keep them engaged. Such groups include: those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities; care leavers; young people with mental health difficulties; young offenders; teenage parents etc.

The main focus for ESF monies for young people for the period 2011-13 will be to secure the continued provision of individually tailored packages of education and support, which will enable the engagement of such young people. This could include providing more of existing types of provision or enabling the procurement of an appropriate alternative that meets the needs of the individual learner. As well as increasing participation in education and training, this will lead to closing the attainment gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged young people at levels 2 and 3.

The ESF funding for young people over the period 2011 to 2013 is worth around £164M.

A list of providers delivering ESF provision for young people and the specifications to which the provision and contracts relate is available.

For more information about the overall ESF programme, please go to the Skills Funding Agency ESF pages.