The Web Alerts service allows you to stay up-to-date with changing information on the YPLA website. Web Alert e-mails are sent out to subscribers whenever a new document or news item becomes available in areas of a website you have chosen to monitor.

In order to receive or manage your subscription to Web Alerts, follow the instructions below.

If you already receive Web Alerts

Log in and manage the alerts you receive or unsubscribe

If you would like to receive Web Alerts

Sign up

Fill in your details on the web alerts subscription page. You will then receive confirmation by e-mail. To activate your account, click the link in the e-mail.

Selecting which areas to receive alerts for

Once your account has been activated, you can select areas of the websites for which you want to receive alerts.
To see a list of the website areas, login to your web alerts account to manage your subscriptions.
Simply tick the boxes of areas you wish to track with web alerts and click "Submit".

You will then begin to receive update alerts for each area you have selected.

Not receiving alerts?

If you have followed these steps and are still not receiving alerts, it is possible that no updates have been added to the Web Alert system for that area. Web content editors are given the option to add any changes they make to the web alerts system, but they may not always choose to do so.
If you have a colleague who has identical settings for web alerts, please check whether they are receiving alerts and you are not. If they are, contact us and ensure you provide a contact number so that we can help you work through any problems.