Health & Safety

General FE colleges, Sixth form colleges, commercial and charitable providers, HE institutions and local authority learning providers

The providers are contractually responsible for the reporting of learner Health and Safety incidents. They will report to the YPLA injuries and diseases to YPLA funded learners within the scope of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).

Providers reporting incidents should complete the YPLA Learner Incident Record Form (LIR) within 10 days of becoming aware of the incident. The completed report should then be sent to along with a copy of the incident report submitted to Health and Safety Executive. HSE Reporting Requirements will be changing in September 2011 to an online system - see the HSE reporting page for updated details.

In the case of education and training related fatal accidents and ‘major injuries’ (major injuries are defined as amputation, loss of sight or other injury or illness needing admittance to hospital for over 24 hours) organisations should inform the YPLA by email to as soon as practicably possible after becoming aware of the incident.

Health and Safety enquires can also be forwarded to the above email address or telephone John Lodge on 024 7682 3228.


Following a learner health and safety incident for a school based learner, a report should be made to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the school’s local authority. Where a pupil is studying a Young Apprenticeship, the school or employer where the incident occurs should also inform the YPLA following the above reporting process.


For a learner accessing Academy provision, a report should be made to the HSE. Additionally, Academies are requested to notify the Academies Lead Officer within the YPLA.

Independent Specialist Providers

Further information around health and safety in relation to learners accessing ISP placements is contained within the YPLA’s Education and Training Agreement (Contract for Services).


Further information on duties of providers for learners aged 16-19 or 19-25 with a learning difficulty and/or disability and are the subject of a learning difficulty assessment is available.

Young Offenders Institutions (YOI)

YOIs, with the support from their OLASS provider, take primary responsibility for Health and Safety. The prison is also responsible for ensuring that all learning environments and practices meet statutory health and safety requirements. Any incidents in relation to health and safety are dealt with by the prison.


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