16-19 education and training: Addressing gaps in provision

The YPLA Statutory Guidance: Funding Arrangements for 16-19 Education and Training for 2012/13 states that local authorities are responsible for securing provision which meets the needs of all young people – especially those who would otherwise not be in education, employment or training – and takes into account the needs of employers.

In the vast majority of cases, the lagged learner number funding approach will ensure that the needs of learners are met, especially since this approach ensures that providers that deliver additional places in year will be funded for those learners in the following year. However, as the Statutory Guidance indicates, there may be a small number of exceptions where lagged numbers and local response are not sufficient to meet learner needs. We have therefore put in place for 2012/13 a simple process to help address exceptional gaps whilst the lagged learner number funding approach beds in.

Local authorities may identify through their own analysis of data provided by us and their own local knowledge, that some young people cannot have their needs met through the current provision offer. In the course of reviewing and moderating any data, we will consider progress towards 100% participation, predicted growth in school cohort numbers and the percentages and numbers in the NEET group.

Supporting data is available at the links below:

A document containing information for local authorities on the process, including the timeline and a form for recording evidence on gaps for submission to the YPLA is available.

Form for recording evidence on gaps – Word Version

For any queries, please contact your Territorial team.