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Wednesday, 29 Feb 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Support to the Law Enforcement Infrastructure - IPA

Technical assistance, works and supplies required for police HQ building construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) project.

Sector: Justice and Home Affairs

IPA Cost: 9,5 M€

Total Cost: 12,025 M€

The overall objective of this EU external aid project is to strengthen Brcko District Police’s capacity to establish an effective border management system in biH, according to EU standards.


  • Construction of Brcko District Police HQ building

  • Supply and installation of equipment

  • Supervision of construction works

  • Construction of Border Inspection Post in Bijaca

  • Supervision of Bijaca Border Inspection Post construction


Works: 5,35 M€

Supply: 0,425 M€

Service: 0,25 M€

Works: 5,7 M€

Service: 0,3 M€

*Please be aware that you may be charged for further information.

Opportunity Type: General Procurement

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